How To Throw Darts

  • First you need to find the optimal dart for you.The only way to do this is really to try and fail. Use the tool on the right menu to help you find your optimal dart.
  • Stand on the line (oche) with the foot corresponding with you throwing hand, make sure to take a note of the exact spot you are standing on, this way your shots will be more consistent
  • Place your other foot so you don't wobble when you throw the dart, having the same position every time will allow you to focus on the trow and not re-aim every time
  • Stand in line with the board and loosen your shoulders
  • Grip your dart in a way that feels natural for you, there is a lot of different ways of holding the dart, find the one that's feels best for you, personally I hold the dart almost the same way I hold a pencil. Do not hold the dart to hard, this will cause the dart to veer of the board due to the friction.
  • When you throw the dart do NOT move your entire body, use only your throwing arm. It will not help to jump or try to hop the dart into the board. You must have consistency in every trow, threfore you must only move your arm.
  • Throw in a fluid smooth motion, Don't use too much force, remember you don't need so much force to make the dart stick in the board. No jerking and no flicking.
  • Pick a spot to hit and try to hit this exact spot every time, after a few time your hand/eye will adjust, and you will see that you throws will be more consistent.
  • Practice hitting the double scores on the board, try to hit every one around the board, you will not win if you don't  finish.