Best Steel Tip Darts

Darting started in Middle Ages as a piece of entertainment. The dart throwers conceive knowledge of the game. Depending upon this knowledge they make a decision of choosing the best dart that matches well with their personal style. Many throwers prefer a combination of traditional dart boards and steel tip darts.

Let us compare the steel tip darts with soft tip darts: Steel tip darts are best suited for traditional dart boards whereas soft tip darts are correct darts for electronic dart boards. Generally dart throwers prefer steel tip darts which are 20 to 25 grams in weight.

The most common traditional type of steel tip darts come as fixed tip darts. They are attached securely with immovable points. There are some tips that can be replaced on the other hand the fixed tips can only be replaceable with specialized tools.

If you are throwing a moveable steel tip dart you can be sure that the bounce-outs have been reduced by an amount up to 80%. Moveable steel tip darts are more costly than the fixed tip darts. Let us see how the dart penetrates the board without bouncing off and falling to the floor. A moveable tip dart hits a dart board wire after it is thrown. Due to this impact the barrel of the dart slips forward pushing dart’s point into the board.
There are various types of steel tip darts such as:

  • Bottelsen / HammerHead Steel Tip Darts: Their barrel consists of 90% tungsten. Tips are made up of hammer head steal and is available in weights like 23, 25 and 27 grams. The GT shafts are joined to this type of steel tip darts.
  • Bottelsen HammerHead Devastators Steel Tip Darts: Their barrel consists of 95% Tungsten. Flights: Standard Logo. It contains roto hammer tips and are available in 23, 25 and 27 grams of weight. Shafts made of aluminum are joined to it.