Best Soft Tip Darts

The Soft tip dart differs from steel tip dart in the width of opening of the barrel.
In case of soft tip darts you have choices of ¼” or 2ba. ¼” was the first size in which soft tip darts was introduced. 2ba size was much narrow but is the most popular than all.

To some extent The Black Widow Darts are front weighted. This helps in increasing accuracy. It comes with a unique black color coating. These darts presents a slim barrel for accurate grouping

The barrels are Black Coated with 80/20 tungsten. The shafts are made of aluminum. Tips are 2BA. The weight of these darts varies from 16 to 20 grams.

Black window darts which are most common soft tip darts are manufactured using a process that begins with a billet of high density tungsten. After this the billet is shaped and centre grounded. For increased accuracy dart are made front-weighted. Slim barrel is made for more accurate groups. The barrel is rechecked after all tooling is completed.

Generally painting or baking the barrel surface is carried out over the darts. Mixture of titanium/tantalum nitride and titanium carbide gets fused to the tungsten barrel when “Widows” are vapor coated in high heat furnaces. A startling look and complete gripping qualities is the outcome of durable coatings which are available in black or gold.

The styles of black window soft tip darts are ringed or knurled.

Bottelsen GT Stubbies Silver Finish Darts. Control and performance is what you get by this tiny, front loaded barrel features. The barrel is 90% Tungsten 5/16" Thrust Cut, Point is durable dart master soft tip and shaft is G.T. medium shafts and O ring. The weight of this dart lies between 16 grams to 20 grams

We are into soft tip dart selling business since many years. The range varies from razor grip to add-a-grams. Comfort sure grips allow you better handling and the quality made barrels are made of tungsten, nickel silver, brass etc. A proficient or a beginner both the gentry are satisfied with the dart that we provide.