Best Darts

Whether you're at the bars, pubs, clubs or your own personal home, darts are a very good way of spending some time with family and friends. Spending some time in your own home can never be boring when you have a dartboard hanging in your own room.

The history of the game of darts dates back a very long time. Legend has it that soldiers throughout the Dark ages used to throw spears at barrel bases or cut-up tree trunks to have over their boredom. This gradually gave shape to what we now know as dart games. The system of scoring, followed across the world, came into being during the early 18th century.

Dart games have grown popular through the years since it is inexpensive to play, may be played indoors during bad weather, no dress codes are needed, and may be played by anyone - male or female, young or old.

The essential requirements is a dartboard and darts. With the advancement of technology dartboards also have evolved through the times. One of the most common dartboard is the bristle board - either cork or sisal. Cork dartboards deteriorate quickly with continued used, as the darts leave holes in the boards and the cork crumbles. The fibrous nature of sisal, however, is able to overcome this drawback and has therefore gained popularity. Sisal doesn't crumble despite constant use. Electronic dartboards are also available, and are built with sensors allowing for automated scoring.

There are different kinds of darts. The primary parts of a dart is the tip, barrel, shaft and flight. Tips are generally steel or soft. Soft tips are preferred on electronic dartboards and cork dartboards and are also suitable for new players. Steel tips are for the more experienced dart players. Shafts also come in various types. Synthetic flights are the most typical nowadays and can be combined with the shafts. The use of feathers as flights has decreased considerably nowadays.

Most Common Types of Darts

Many dart accessories can be purchased nowadays. Instead of simply hanging the dartboard on walls, dart cabinets can be used to add style and elegance to your dart game. Many players also attach add-a-grams to get the required weights on the darts. The right weight improves accuracy in shooting. Dart mats are helpful for new players, as the bounce-off from the boards could cause considerable damage to the floor. It is also important to have a rulebook as there are many ways of keeping scores and also the game could be played under different rules. Scoreboard is also a must if you're not using electronic dartboards.