How To Play Baseball Darts

Players of all ages can enjoy playing baseball darts, often known as tee-ball darts. Baseball darts offer just enough rules and strategy to make it worthwhile to try out with friends and family, whether you're seeking to kill time during a commercial break or play as part of your weekly game night. Follow these easy steps to play baseball darts if you're prepared to learn the fundamentals!

What Are Baseball Darts?

Baseball Darts is a variation on beer pong. This dart game consists of three main activities, with points awarded for each. In pin-the-tail players attempt to throw their dart into a target, with accuracy points given as follows: 1 point for every inch away from the center that your dart lands, 2 points if you hit within 5 inches of the center, and 3 points if you hit exactly on center. If you hit outside of 5 inches then no points are awarded. If you miss completely then -1 point is deducted from your score.

The next activity involves throwing a dart at a can placed on top of another cup in order to make it float (you do not want it floating). For every second that it floats you get 1 point; if it falls before 10 seconds have passed then -1 point is deducted from your score. The final activity requires hitting a can placed atop another can in order to make them both fall off. You receive 1 point for hitting one of them off, 2 points if you hit both off and 3 points if they land upside down. If they fall off before 15 seconds have passed then -1 point is deducted from your score.

How to Play Baseball Darts

The Rules: Baseball Darts is an exciting variation on a traditional pub-style game. Here's how you can join in on all of that action yourself! You'll need at least two players, although four or more can be accommodated if there are enough boards available. You'll also need a few soft tip darts for each player; these are relatively inexpensive and easily found online or at your local sporting goods store.

At least one board is required, though it's best to have a few extra just in case they get damaged during gameplay. And finally, as with any dart game, make sure you have plenty of beer! To begin, place all of your boards around a central location so that everyone has easy access to them. Each person should sit facing their own board, with no one sitting behind another person.

Players take turns throwing three darts per round (with each round lasting until someone reaches a score of 501). If a player throws three bullseyes in a row, they win instantly and do not continue throwing additional darts. If no one hits three bullseyes, then whoever scores closest to 501 wins that round and becomes it for the next round.

Baseball Dart Rules

Every standard dartboard consists of 20 numbered sections. Each section represents a point value, ranging from 1 through 20. The main objective of a dart game is to eliminate all points on a competitor's board by hitting specific sections. Points are not completely eliminated until a double-dart is thrown into any section with that number. This means that if you hit a triple-20 section, your opponent will only lose one point at first; however, if you hit another triple-20 section in your next turn, your opponent will lose two points.

In order to score points in a baseball dart game, you must hit your opponent's bullseye or outer ring first. If you miss either target area twice consecutively without hitting anything else in between turns, then it is considered an out and neither player receives any points for their turn.

As soon as you have eliminated all of your opponent's points, you win! However, if they manage to get rid of all of yours before eliminating theirs, then they win instead. It is important to note that each dart has three flights (the plastic part) attached to it.

When throwing a dart toward a board, there are three distinct ways in which it can land: flat (also known as a bounce out), stick bounce out, and center toss. A flat landing occurs when a dart lands outside of its designated scoring area but still remains on its flight path. A stick bounces out occurs when a dart lands inside its designated scoring area but does not remain upright. A center toss occurs when a dart lands directly in its scoring area and remains upright. Each type of throw is worth different amounts of points. For example, a flat throw earns you five points while a center toss earns 10.

Variations on the Game

Baseball Darts is played with three players on each team. The goal is to throw a dart as close as possible to a small red circle on a target board (dartboard). The closest dart counts for one point. If two or more team members are within 7 inches (18 centimeters) of each other, it's called an alley-oop, and all who threw in that round get an extra point.

When playing teams, you can also choose to have multiple rounds. When playing singles, only one person throws at a time, so it can be hard to compare scores. Instead of points, you can use time limits for each round. For example, if you hit your mark within 30 seconds, you earn 5 bonus points. If not, then your opponent gets 10 bonus points. Or maybe you don't want to keep the score at all just try to outdo your previous performance!

You can even create a custom set of rules. Have fun experimenting with different scoring systems until you find one that works best for your group. If you like, write down your favorite variations and share them with others who may enjoy them too.

As long as everyone understands what they're getting into ahead of time, anything goes! Just remember: there's no such thing as a wrong way to play a game only ways that work better than others. Try making up some new rules of your own; I bet they will add something new to your next round of Baseball Darts! Happy throwing.