Around The Clock Darts: How To Play The Popular Darts Game Variation

Around the clock darts is a popular game variation played in bars, pubs, and clubs across the UK, but it's also becoming increasingly popular with those that enjoy playing darts at home. No matter where you play this darts game, it's almost guaranteed to be fun and challenging - just as long as you know how to play! This article will explain how to play around the clock darts in an easy-to-follow manner that should leave you feeling confident in your ability to take part in this darts game variation.

What Is Around The Clock?

In the game "Around the Clock Darts," participants take turns shooting darts at each number on a clock face. This game is a lot of fun, and it's easy to learn too. In fact, anyone can play as long as they know how to hold a dart and throw it towards a target! There are two ways to play around-the-clock darts. One way is with one dartboard and three or more people; another way is with two dartboards and four or more people. Each version has its own advantages, so let's go over them both so you can decide which one you want to try first! Let's start with one dartboard and three or more people.

It may be easier for everyone to stand around a single board when playing around the clock darts because there will be less moving around involved than if everyone were playing on separate boards. You will also have a better view of all your friends while playing, making it easier for you to keep track of their scores throughout your turn. If you're using one dartboard and three or more people, each player should start with five darts. The first person throws a dart and then they move clockwise around the group until everyone has thrown once. Once everyone has thrown one dart, players take turns throwing two darts until they've used up all 10 of their darts. This means that each player will throw 20 total darts over time!

What Equipment Do I Need?

A normal dartboard and set of darts are required since around the clock darts variation. If you're playing at home, it's a good idea to bring your own equipment even though many bars will have all of these things accessible for use on their own boards. We advise you to purchase a competition board like those from Unicorn that includes electronic scoring if you don't already have a board and darts. This makes tracking scores much easier. It's also worth buying a soft tip dartboard as these are quieter than steel tip ones and won't damage your wall or door!

How Do I Set Up The Board?

Setting up an Around The Clock board isn't too difficult; simply place numbers around your dartboard in order starting with 1 at 20 and working around to number 24 at double 12. Some people prefer to start with 25 (the bullseye) instead of 1, although there is no right or wrong way here.

What Are The Rules?

A typical 501 dartboard is used for around the clock darts. Each participant will be given one dart to throw at any double or single they want. A player will get another turn if they reach one of these numbers. If a player hits an outer single and neither of these numbers, then their opponent gets two turns even though they only hit one number. For example, if Player A throws first and hits a triple 20 with his/her first dart, he/she will get another turn. If Player B's first dart lands in either a double or single (anywhere on the board), then he/she will also get another turn. However, if Player B's first dart lands in an outer single (not touching any other numbers), then Player A gets two turns because his/her opponent only hit one number with his/her first throw.

This game can last as long as both players are able to stay in it. Once a player misses three doubles or singles, then they are out. The last person standing wins!

What Are The Scoring Rules?

After every round, whoever threw first gets to subtract 10 points from their score. Whoever threw second adds 10 points to their score after every round.

Where Can I Play This Game?

In pubs, bars, and other social settings, the darts game variation known as Around The Clock is played. Additionally, several clubs and pubs have their own leagues or teams. If you want to play frequently, you can join these. It's simple to locate folks to play with at your neighborhood bar if you aren't currently part of a team or league. Simply arrive early on a Tuesday (about 8 pm) and inquire as to who will be doing Around The Clock that evening. The majority of players are welcoming and delighted to include new players in their games.

How Do I Win?

The goal of Around The Clock is to be the first player to hit each number on your board exactly once. Numbers one through 20 are arranged in a circle around a bullseye (the 0). Players take turns throwing three darts each round until someone wins by hitting all numbers exactly once. Whoever hits their final dart closest to zero wins! In the case of ties, whoever threw their final dart closest to zero last wins.

When Is This Played?

Around The Clock is typically played on Tuesdays nights at most pubs and bars. Some places may host tournaments or even offer prizes for winning games; others may just enjoy playing for fun. When you visit your local pub for some darts, simply ask when they play Around The Clock and then show up ready to go!

What Else Should I Know?

There are some variations of Around The Clock depending on where you live. For example, some regions use different numbers than 1-20 or don't use a bullseye. However, many regions follow the basic rules outlined above so there shouldn't be too much confusion as long as you make sure to read what your region plays before attending an event. Good luck!