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We're are dart enthusiasts who love building things. We've created this website to share our knowledge with other dart enthusiasts and help them find the best gear possible. If you have a question about darts, we have an answer for you!
"I know people say that we are a load of beer drinkers but we are far more professional these days. These critics should come and have a go at playing darts if they think it is so easy."
-Adrian Lewis
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We Take Reviews Seriously

It's really hard to review every type of dart and dartboard on the market. But between us, we can read into other buyers reviews quite easily at this point. We've heard good and bad, and we know when people are not educated enough to have a real opinion on a dart board, so we are always sure to ignore those types of review. 
Everything is great except the wiring system. The edges are just a bit too thick.
This is the best made dart board I've ever played on. The sisal keeps the board looking brand new after weeks of playing